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Roberto Clemente Quotes

Roberto Clemente Quotes

Before have a look on best Roberto Clemente quotes, you can learn more about Roberto Clemente from Wikipedia.

Quotes By Roberto Clemente

My father used to say, 'I want you to be a good man; I want you to learn how to work. And I want you to be a serious person.' I grew up with that in my mind.

Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth.

Roberto Clemente quotes

If you have a chance to accomplish something that will make things better for people coming behind you, and you don't do that, you are wasting your time on this earth.

Pitch me outside, I will hit .400. Pitch me inside, and you will not find the ball.

They said you'd really have to be something to be like Babe Ruth. But Babe Ruth was an American player. What we needed was a Puerto Rican player they could say that about, someone to look up to and try to equal.

I was born to play baseball.

I wasn't ready for the majors when I joined the Pirates in 1955. I was too young and didn't know my way around.

I want to be remembered as a ballplayer who gave all I had to give.

My mother has the same kind of an arm, even today at 74. She could throw a ball from second base to home plate with something on it. I got my arm from my mother.

The first day that I get to Fort Myers, there was a newspaper down there. The newspaper said, 'Puerto Rican hot dog arrives in town.

I jus' try to sacrifice myself, so I get runner to third. If I do, I feel good. But I get heet and Willie scores, and I feel better than good. [...] What makes me feel most good is that the skipper let me play the whole game. I think maybe he take me out after a few innings for Aaron but no, he pay me big compliment. I stay in game and that gave me confidence. I think I don't let him down, no?

I was looking for an inside pitch. I don't know whether it was a fastball or not, but it came in a little inside and I was ready for it. I know it went out of here fast. Last year I hit one harder to the left field bleachers. That was a high fly ball. But this was a line drive. And I liked this hit better because it won the game.

The farther away you writers stay, the better I like it. You know why? Because you're trying to create a bad image of me... you do it because I'm black and Puerto Rican, but I'm proud to be Puerto Rican.

I couldn't ask for better teammates, and the Pirate fans are the greatest in baseball.

After I failed to win the Most Valuable Player Award in 1960, I made up my mind I'd win the batting title in 1961 for the first time.

If I could sleep. I could hit .400.

If I would be happy, I would be a very bad ball player. With me, when I get mad, it puts energy in my body.

Roberto Clemente quotes

The Dodgers told me a big bonus was no good, and they said other players would resent it. Better for me to take a small amount of money and work my way.

It's not a bad ball if I can hit it.

Anytime you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on Earth.

I felt kind of bashful (when the fans went crazy). I'm a very quiet, shy person, although you writers might not believe because I shout sometimes.

When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a baseball player. This is something I think about. The more I think about it, I'm convinced that God wanted me to play baseball.

I dedicated the hit (his 3,000th) to the Pittsburgh fans and to the people in Puerto Rico and to one man (Roberto Marin) in particular. The one man who carried me around for weeks looking for a scout to sign me.

I am convinced that God wanted me to be a baseball player. I was born to play baseball.

Roberto Clemente quotes

I loved the game so much that even though our playing field was muddy and we had many trees on it, I used to play many hours every day.

To the people here, we are outsiders. Foreigners.

I ’m a big supporter of our military and police, and [ theprotesters ] have no right to be obstructing people like they are.

My father was the 87th Latino to be in the major leagues, but he was the first one ... to be able to speak up and become an activist against prejudice, not only in baseball but also in society, and that took a lot to be able to do that.

I am more valuable to my team hitting .330 then swinging for home runs.

I am from the poor people; I represent the poor people. I like workers. I like people that suffer because these people have a different approach to life from the people that have everything and don't know what suffering is.

A country without idols is nothing.

I would be lost without baseball. I don't think I could stand being away from it as long as I was alive.

Nobody does anything better than me in baseball (said before the 1971 World Series).

But some people act like they think I live in the jungle someplace.

But some people act like they think I live in the jungle someplace.

Look at my skin - I am not of the white people.

I would like to get 3,000 hits.

I do not live so far from Miami.

Baseball has been very good to me.

A nation without heroes is nothing.

Jamie is one of the most accomplished pitchers in Mariners' history, leading the major leagues in winning percentage over the last eight years, ... But it is his commitment to making the difference in the life of those in need through the Moyer Foundation that has made people see you as a great baseball player and a great humanitari.

I always try to lead the clean life.

There's no difference between me and you (Manny Sanguillen). You need something, a glove, a place to live, you let me know.

I used to watch Monte Irvin play when I was a kid. I idolized him. I used to wait in front of the ballpark just for him to pass by so I could see him.

Brooklyn was a famous team. I wanted to play for the Dodgers.

I tell you, (Steve) Blass, you pitch me inside, they never, never find that ball.

When I put on my uniform, I feel I am the proudest man on earth.

When I put on my uniform, I feel I am the proudest man on earth.

It was a much bigger thrill to play on a winning team in 1960 than for me to win the batting title in 1961 when we finished sixth. When you’re with a bad team, you don’t have the incentive to keep going. Winning is such fun.

I will hit .450 if you give me Ralph Garr's legs, Johnny Bench's age and cut the travel schedule.

I think the fans in Pittsburgh are the best in baseball. They've always been on my side, even when I'm going bad. I've made plenty of friends and I would not trade these people for anybody, anywhere.

I think he had the best eye, best stance and sharpest cut of all the big leaguers playing in Puerto Rico. He also field real good and throw like a bullet.

Bobby, it don't matter how you stand; it matter where you end up!

This is my ball park. Every game is played in daylight and I can see the ball good. And I can reach the stands in any direction. I hope I'm never traded but if I am, I wish it would be to the Cubs. I know I do well there in 77 games.

No one knows what eet is. They can't find anything. I run, I throw, I move eet hurts. Eet goes away and come back. Someday eet hurt . . . someday no. If eet doesn't cure, I quit baseball ... No fool around

If a Latin player is sick, they said it is all in their head. I'm sick of these people who make these statements. They call me 'Jake.' It is Roberto ... Roberto Walker Clemente

Why does everyone talk about the past? All that counts is tomorrow's game.

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