Grant Cardone Quotes

Grant Cardone Quotes

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Quotes By Grant Cardone

Don’t be a little bitch, champions dominate.

Spectators play, players get paid.

You sleep like your rich, I’m up like I’m broke.

Let the rest do whatever while you do whatever it takes.

Show up early, treat people with respect and perform at the highest levels til the world can’t deny you.

You don’t get what you deserve, you get what your focus on, bust your ass for and stay committed to.

Never fear the haters, fear the weak that listen to them.

Some of the most successful decisions of my life were things people encouraged me not to do.

If you ain’t scared you ain’t doing anything BIG.

Rich people don’t get rich by accident, poor people don’t get poor by accident.

You don’t get burnout, you lose purpose! You lose your meaning When I’m tired I look at my purpose.

Everything in life is a sale, and everything you want in life is a commission. -Grant Cardone

Everything in life is a sale, and everything you want in life is a commission.

I need some new haters, the old ones are starting to like me.

The average call me obsessed, the successful call me for advice.

If you think you’ll reach your full potential without learning, you aren’t dreaming you are deceiving yourself.

Your emotions will want you to quit Disregard them.

Pay the price today so you can pay any price tomorrow.

Approach every situation with an in-it-to-win-it-whatever-it-takes mind-set Sound to aggressive? Sorry but that is the outlook required to win nowadays.

No economy, no matter how bad, can hold down a goal that is followed with enough action.

Do what you are scared to do and watch your confidence grow.

No is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true.

Quit blaming your past for your current condition.

Average is a failing formula.

You have to assume that you can do what more than your doing.

Just because most don’t make it, doesn’t mean you can’t.

Anyone who suggests you do less is either not a real friend or confused.

Most people just quit just before something was going to break.

Criticism is easily avoided by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing.

Never lower your target, increase your actions.

Never lower your target, increase your actions.

You can’t reach your full potential without haters.

10 Times the actions, 10 times the goals and you’ll get everything you ever dreamed of.

Better to be disliked by others than to be disliked by yourself.

You have to push to close the deal.

Go the extra mile, there’s no one on it.

I don’t want to manage time, I want to own it I don’t want to compete, I want to dominate I don’t want to watch the news, I want to make the news, Don’t be a spectator, spectators pay, the players get paid.

Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility.

Show up early, stay late, have 10 deals working for everyone you want Spend zero time crying about how unfair the world is.

If you don’t confront the tough stuff, it will always have control over you.

If the people around you are giving you advice to slow down or to take it easy  you are surrounded by the wrong people.

You will not have a successful life surrounded by negative people.

Grant Cardone Quotes

Your family is depending on your No better reason to bring all your game all the time.

Have goals so big your problems pale in comparison.

You can make time or you can make excuses, but you can’t make both.

Small thinking has and always will be punished in one way or another.

Refuse to be tomorrow who you are today.

The speed at which you can follow up is vital to your chances in the marketplace. 

Been underestimated my entire life, mostly by myself.

Anyone that suggests to me to do less is either not a real friend or very confused.

I suggest that you become obsessed about the things you want Otherwise you are going to spend a lifetime being obsessed with making up excuses as to why you didn’t get the life you wanted.

Stay hungry, It’s the only thing that will ensure you don’t go hungry.

Obscurity is a bigger problem than money.

Your greatness is limited by only the investments you make in yourself.

Grant Cardone Quotes

Do the things you don’t wanna do, so that one day you can do the things that you wannado. Pay the price! Sacrifice something.

The world will give you what you refuse to give up on.

Quit blaming your past for your current condition Yesterday has nothing to do with today or tomorrow unless you decide it does.  

One week they love me One week they hate me Both weeks I get paid.

You will either get what you want or you will be used by others to get what they want.

I am attracted to people who want to see me grow.

Quitting settling for reality and focus on your potential.

Never quite and you are guaranteed to find your greatness.

Comfort makes more prisoners than all the jails combine.

You only have a backup plan if you plan to fail.

The best sales people I know are straight shooters They don’t play games, they tell it like it is and they know how to get the job done without manipulations and tricks.

You got fuel in your tank it wants to be accelerated on, but you have someone in the backseat saying ‘Be Careful’ No one likes a backseat driver!  

Learn to close and you will never be without work, and will never be without money.

Grant Cardone Quotes

Grind while they rest, study when they party You’ll live like they dream.

You won’t get much done if you only grind on the days you feel good.

Successful people are never satisfied with themselves, their own efforts, their delivery or their income.

Remove negativity from your life.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.  

No matter how much it may seem otherwise, no one has control of your life but you.

There is no such thing as a part-time obsession.

Most opportunities are disguised as problems.

Independence is something you have to work hard to get and harder to keep.

Do not go to work to work, go to work to prosper.

Never lower your price Add value.

Never reduce a target, instead increase action.

They told me I couldn’t so I did Look at me now.

Attitude is a choice.

Luck is just one of the by-products of those who take the most action.

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