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Dan Avidan Quotes

Dan Avidan Quotes

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Quotes By Dan Avidan

Whenever You look at another creator or an artist that you respect, you’re only seeing what took them a long time of work and doubt to push through. You never see the struggle behind it. So you think you’re the only one struggling, when in fact, everyone goes through it.

Are you fucking shitting all over both of my nuts?

Kiss me schlim shlam da bim dee bumda. Be my insum dee bim dobaa.

Harrison Ford hurt me.

Not all black people have huge dicks - just the guys.

Could you imagine if your entire body was constructed completely out of ballsack material?

How can you not have a great time when you're exposing yourself to children?

How can you not have a great time when you're exposing yourself to children?

I'm just so happy now, all the fucking time, because I know what it's like to be sad.

Don't make fame your goal. Make your goal doing what you do to the best of your ability, and that's something no one can take away from you.

Caught a big ol' case of the fuck you's.

Damn it.

I wish I had my own Wikipedia page.

His head is weird.

Be yourself and be good to people, and the cool people will like you and everyone else can go fuck themselves.

I was the greatest load my dad ever shot.

Whoopdie do here comes the goo!!

Its OK Big Cat.

Arin, You have said that about EVERY female character in this game.

"Give me your cummies Sky Daddy.

Never let it be said I couldn't suck my way to victory.

Dan Avidan Quotes

I'm not kicking a girl out for eating crackers in bed, I'm fucking eating them with her crackers are delicious. A good saltine

Did I ever tell you how I spent $700 in Texas on strippers and vodka?

A NSP title that never came to be is 'There is no going back now.

Who will I be? Uuuuuyhhhhh BIG ZAM


I JUST ASKED SUZY AND SHE WAS ALL LIKE 'yeah, they would whip out their penises and show eachother their erections. It was pretty hot' HAHAHAHAHHAAA ARIN WHY?!

My dream date would be going around Wholefoods stealing free samples... Yeah, and she says 'One more lap around' well this is going somewhere tonight.

OH dude, that is SO META.

It's hard to have an existential crisis when everything is so pretty.

Dan Avidan Quotes

Hate Bagel's farewell was amazing. It was like 'We've had a good doughy time, but I must go now. I hope you all have a horrible life'. I miss Hate Bagel.

Dan describing every meme ever.

Ima sexy widdle baby.

Oh God.. It’s Clifford the Big Red Stab Wound!

When you’re a kid you think adults opinions matter more because they’re adults and they know how the world works, and then you become an adult and you’re like adults are just asshole kids that got bigger.

I’ll see you in hell, Shrek.

The Jews faked the moon landing.

No one knows how I feel more than me.

Less poopin’, dude!

Why is it easier to blow yourself up than move?

Why is it easier to blow yourself up than move?


All the girls eyes light up with excitement, especially Monika’s eyes, first her left one, then the right- *breaks into hysterical laughter.


And I’ll cut these ribbons into two pieces, this is my last resort.

You ever read Clifford the Big Red Dog?

So you have five dollars? Big fucking deal.

Sorry, I was just looking down at my wiener.

Yes, I’ll fuck my way to the throne!

Just try shoving all the things in all the places.

That was pretty good actually, if it weren’t for that cinnamon & raisin debacle. 

Do you think if you urinate and pre-cum at the same time it’s pre-pre.

Dan Avidan Quotes

Yeah dude, I’ll fuck pasta.

Hey, have you seen my side chick? She’s, uh, forty feet tall roaming across the plains.

I see games, and snacks, and dead people, but those are luxury things.

I’ll never forget that time I went to arts & crafts class, we were making beaded necklaces, and I banged your mom.

I’m gonna start this off with a haiku… Sonic the Hedgehog, You are the best game ever, It’s snowing… on Mt. Fuji…

This is all the biological data we currently have on record, but we know very little about how or why he possesses such unimaginable powers.

That’s how you break down, uh, an unassailably lovable character, just make him a pedophile.

I definitely have very little tolerance for bullshit in the sense of people being dicks, because it’s so easy to not be a dick! Just don’t! You know what makes people feel good and what makes them feel bad. Don’t do the things that make them feel bad.

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