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Biggie Quotes


Before start reading the best Biggie quotes, you can learn more about Biggie from Wikipedia.

Quotes By Biggie

If you feel like it’s something you don’t have to do, you really have to question it.

If you hear something about somebody, don’t be so quick to be like, I don’t like him. Try to find out what’s going on.

I’m living every day like a hustle.

I can't never stop nobody, can't knock nobody hustle.

Super Nintendo Sega Genesis, when I was dead broke, man I couldn’t picture this.

Honeys wanna chat, but all we wanna know is where the party at?

I grew up a f***ing screw up, got introduced to the game, got a ounce and f***ing blew up.

Damn right I like the life I live, because I went from negative to positive.

Biggie Quotes

S**t don’t ask me. I went from ashy, to nasty, to classy.

My real life helped me sell a lot of records.

I hold grudges, but I can't hate nobody; that's not my nature.

I spit phrases that’ll thrill you, your nobody ’till someone kills you.

Never get high on your own supply.

As I open my eyes and realizing I changed. Not the same deranged child stuck up in the game.

A strong word called consignment strictly for live men, not for freshmen, if you ain’t got the clientele say “hell no!” ‘Cause they gon’ want they money, rain, sleet, hail, snow.

If the game shakes me or breaks me, I hope it makes me a better man.

I’m living every day like a hustle. Another drug to juggle, another day another struggle.

Excellence is my presence. Never tense, never hesitant.

Biggie Quotes

While we out here, say the hustlas' prayer. If the game shakes me or breaks me, I hope it makes me a better man.

If the game shakes me or breaks me, I hope it makes me a better man.

When I die, f**k it I wanna go to hell. ‘Cause I’m a piece of s**t, it ain’t hard to f***in tell.

Whatever you’re going to do, just do it for a reason. You know what I’m saying. Don’t be a fool and just sit back and do it because somebody else is doing it.

What happens on that corner happens on every corner.

Sticks and stones may break bones, but the Gat will kill you quicker.

Learn to treat life to the best, put stress to rest.

Yes it's me, the B.I.G / Competition ripper ever since 13 / Used to steal clothes was considered a thief / Until I started hustlin' on Fulton Street / Makin' loot, knockin' boots on the regular / Pass the microphone; I'm the perfect competitor.

I wanted to get in the game and get the big house and the cars, and with the pool. I wanted to do all that.

Poppa been smooth since days of Underoos / Never lose, never choose to, bruise crews who / Do something to us, talk go through us / Girls walk to us, wanna do us, screw us / Who us? Yeah, Poppa and Puff.

As I leave my competition respirator style, climb the ladder to success escalator style.

Biggie Quotes

Biggie Smalls is the illest. Your style is played out, like Arnold wondered, ‘What you talkin' bout Willis?

I’m seeing body after body and our Mayor Giuliani / Ain't tryna see no black man turn to John Gotti / My daughter use a potty, so she's older now / Educated street knowledge, I'ma mold her now.

Take a better stand. Put money in my mom’s hand. Get my daughter this college plan, so she don’t need no man.

We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us / No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us / Birthdays was the worst days / Now we sip champagne when we thirsty.

I’m living everyday like a hustle, another drug to juggle. Another day, another struggle.

Relax and take notes while I take tokes of the marijuana smoke

I’m a nice guy, but the fear keeps everybody on their toes. People sometimes mistake sweetness for weakness. You never want anyone to know everything about you. It makes you too easy to classify.

When you read magazines and you see everybody having fun, you think, ‘okay, that’s where I want to be.’ But once you get in it and you achieve the success that you want, it seems like that’s where the player hating starts. You know that’s where everybody’s like, ‘Well it’s not all that.

Never trust nobody, your moms will set your ass up.

I got a lawyer to watch my lawyer.

The streets is a short stop. Either you’re slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot.

Birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirsty.

I’ve been in the game for years, it made me an animal. It’s rules to this s***, I wrote me a manual. A step by step booklet for you to get, your game on track, not your wig pushed back.

I wonder if I died, would tears come to her eyes? Forgive me for my disrespect, forgive me for my lies.

I would never wish death on nobody, cause there ain’t no coming back from that.

I would never wish death on nobody, cause there ain’t no coming back from that.

I don’t wanna live no more, sometimes I hear death knockin’ at my front door.

You’re nobody ’til somebody kills you.

I can’t rhyme about being broke no more, I ain’t broke, I can’t rhyme about hustling in the streets no more cause I don’t hustle no more, you know, so it’s the life after. All that’s over with now, I ain’t hungry no more. Now it’s a new beginning, this the life after the death.

Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart’s in it, and live the phrase ‘sky’s the limit.

We ain't trying to fail in this game. We trying to succeed.

Keep trying. Persistence and consistency is the best thing. As long as you keeping it real, and you keep trying, keep banging that wall and it will fall.

I found something I was good at, I’m just trying to flip it, keep it going. I ain’t trying to slack at all.

Climb the ladder to success escalator style

And everything you get, ya gotta work hard for it.

Never let no one know how much dough you hold.

It’s like the more money we come across / the more problems we see.

I never thought it could happen, this rappin’ stuff.

You know very well who you are, don’t let em hold you down, reach for the stars.

We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.

We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.

Lyrically, I’m supposed to represent.

I’m blowing up like you thought I would/Call the crib, same number, same hood, it’s all good.

Never lose, never choose to.

Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.

This rule is so underrated: Keep your family and business completely separated.

If you don’t love yourself, I’ll make you see your own heart.

I’m trying to get other niggas off the streets.

Get my daughter this college grant so she don’t need no man.

96 is the year of love. We all need to pull together.

The second time I went to jail, I was like, ‘okay, this is not the move.

I don’t chase ’em, I replace ’em.

Who wants to be a shadow for the rest of their life?

Sicker than your average.

Please don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

The mo’ money you make, the mo’ problems you get.

I gotta stay on a positive vibe. All my peoples gotta stay on a positive vibe, you know? The negativity just brings failure.

Pac get busy. People can't take nothing from him. On the lyrics, he get busy, straight up

Basically, I wake up at nine o'clock in the morning, go to different record stores, go to the studio, think up different ideas for songs. Just workin'.

Naahhh... I don't like KRS no more 'cause he just think he's too dope.

Even when I was wrong, I got my point across.

And if you don’t know, now you know.

If Fay has twins, she'll probably have two pacs. Get it? Tu... Pac's.

Never let them know your next move.

To all the teachers that told me I’d never amount to nothing.

Considered a fool ’cause I dropped out of high school. Stereotypes of a black male misunderstood.

Everything was happening on that strip of Fulton Street. And if I wanted Chinese food, if I wanted to play video games, if I wanted pizza, if I had to go to the corner story for a juice, I had to go on Fulton Street.

Every true hustler knows that you cannot hustle forever. You will go to jail eventually.

I can’t even see me wasting my time or my talent to disrespect another black man.

If Faith had twins, she’d probably have two Pacs, Get it, Tu-Pac’s?

I cleaned up my act, and I made this rap thing work for me. I thought people would respect me for that. But instead, it's, 'Oh, he's sold all these records, and now he thinks he's all that.

With big folks, either people think you look mean or it's more of a jolly Santa Claus, 'Oh, he's just a pudgy little teddy bear pillow.

Catch me if you can like the gingerbread man.

If you didn’t know, now you now.

I grew up in some suburb, I'd come out with a song about potholes in my lawn.

I definitely wouldn't wish death on anyone.

I'm definitely a writer. I don't even know how to freestyle.

If you got a little something you know how to do, progress at it, keep trying, you know God knows what could happen.

Growing up in the streets of Bed-Stuy, it was hard, yo.

I can't even say Puff and me are like brothers, 'cause we closer than that.

My mom is from Jamaica, and she was going to school in the morning, and in the evening she was working, and at night she would go to night school and then come in and go to sleep.

I'm not a security-type person, I don't want to have bodyguards around me. I'm not into all that. Now we just chill in the house. There are a lot of times when we want to go out, but we just don't.

I'm making music for the people. If y'all love the music, y'all gonna buy the music.

You gotta mature, you know.

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